Hanna Strack » Blessingwords and prayers around childbirth


Blessing for a pregnant woman


May our Mother God keep you safe until the time

of your deliverance

May you, and those eagerly awaiting your ‚hour’ be

enfoldete in peace.

May our God pf patient waiting be your strength

durching these days of anticipation.

May our Midwife God protect and comfort you

during your labor.

May our Got of love and life transform your

labour pains into joy, in the gift of a health


May our Nurturing Mother Got provide you with

an abundance of milk, to nourish your

newborn infant.

And may the blessing of the God who conceived us with joy,

birthed us with pain, and transforms us in love,

to fullness of life and fruitfulness;

may this God bless you, and keep you in her womanly tenderness today and always. Amen


Maria Kersten, in: Celebrating Women, ed. by Hannah Ward, Jennifer Wild, Janet Morley. London 1995


When your child asks you…

Mum, what was it like when I was born?

And then your mother will say:

A holy moment it was,

when I pushed you

with all my strength and hurting like mad

into the light.

It was a holy act,

when the midwife

let you slide over her hands

and put you on my breast.

A holy silence filled the room,

as I was lying there,

exhausted and yet full of bliss,

when I looked at you and saw

this amazing miracle of creation:


Hanna Strack, Translation Copyright: Natalie K. Watson



The Glorious Visitation. Mary and Elizabeth

by Lucy D`Souza-Krone


Who has seen the two vines planted in the field of the Lord,

From whose clusters the whole creation is refreshed?

The two vines are Mary and Elizabeth,

the clusters are Christ and John,

the Holy Bridegroom of the Church

and the friend of the Bridegroom.”


Prayer with the Harp of the Spirit. Fr. Francis Acharya


Mary and Elizabeth rejoice and dance singing the Magnificat.

Together they form a butterfly, with the child in the embryo in the centre, signifying that both are pregnant. The child is in the form of a coconut ( a coconut is broken and offered in the Holy places in India) also indicates the sacrifice of Jesus and St. John. The sun in the centre above points out to John`s saying, “he must increase, I must decrease”, John 3:30 where John, the Baptist, would like to disappear and let Jesus get all the attention and importance. John has been the one who prepared the way for Jesus:

Mary and Elizabeth are in the yellow orange form depicting them to BE with the child, and full of Grace and Light. In the child and due to the child this Glorious Visitation has taken place, the child brings them Joy, Hope, Light and Life.


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Imagination back to the Womb

I would like to invite you now to a short meditation or what we call in German:

A Fantasiereise—travelling by imagine back to the roots of your birth.

I invite you to close your eyes and to listen to my voice and to try to see with your inner eyes.


I  walk by my inner pictures

back to the womb of my mother

back on the way,

through which I came

with great power

and I turned in the light


My mothers womb,

my first home

in the amniotic fluid


I feel it now in my imagination:

from the placenta

are flowing into me

the power and the food

just like from my tree of life


I do feel it:

how my umbilical cord

my thread of life

is connecting me

with my source of power



I live in you.

I am hearing

I am tasting,

I am feeling


I am trembling, when you are afraid

I am laughing, when you

are stroking me

through your womb

I am listening, when you are singing


and then, on time:

All around me in revolt,

it labours, it contracts

it works

it makes me angry

and – with one push

I enter in this strange world


The hands of the midwife,

the smile of my father,

the warmth of the skin and the bosom

of my mother receive me.


Sick Child In The Womb –  Forgive Us!


Our child

we have seen you

on the ultrasound.

We felt you kicking

and felt you in the womb.

We expected you

in our life.


Child in the womb,

now we see.

We are in great fear and anguish

because you are ill.

Your life would be full of pain and hardship.

It would overwhelm the strength

of your parents and your brothers and sisters.


Child of our worries,

we cannot manage it,

we give you back to

where you came from.

Child sick in the womb –

forgive us!

The merciful Deity

may take you in her motherly womb!


Hanna Strack



Reflection on Motherhood


I am a woman created in the image of God

Created with value and dignity

Fashioned by God`s breath.


Im am a woman mother of lives

Mother of Presidents and Labourers

Mother of Servants and Ministers

Mother of Kings and Subjects

Mother of Queems amd Mates

Mother of Idiots and Geniuses.



I am a woman

Food producer, cook, home maker, nurse, night watch

I toil from dawn to dusk

Cultivating and harvesting in the scorching heat ot them.

Transporting heavy loads on sun-beaten tracks,

Journeying home to feed the family.


I am a woman, the key to the family

I am loved yet oppressed

Cherished yet subordinated

Caressed yet battered

Neede yet gorgotten.


I am a woman

Lord you created me and know me

You know me by name

You hear me when the world refuses to listen

you understand when the world refuses to


You know all my troubles

You see my tears, you hear my sighs.

You are my all

With you Lord there is hope

I will continue to trust in you

I am your woman.


by Grace Eneme, Kamerun


Blessing for a stillbirth


You were a child of hope,

our love envrapped you,

our imagination beautified you.


You will remain our child,

but you are a child of desire

becoming a child of grief.


You haven`t seen the sun glitter

and the sikle moon.

You didn`t look in our sparkling eyes.


But now you see the light

the beaming, warming light

of God`s love.


You are blessed

you child of hope

and desire.

And with you is blessed

our grief about you,

you child with God.



Hanna Strack