Hanna Strack » Blessing for a Placenta-Vessel


Blessing for a Placenta-Vessel

By Hanna Strack and Toni Armstrong



Look around, where you are:

We were sitting in a Hotel-Hall. We spoke about all people we see, all came from their mothers womb, all of them had a placenta as their first companion.

There is a huge amethyst, it also come from the womb of the earth and most lovely bowls, coming from the womb of an artist.

Or: Where is South-East-North-West-side? What connection do we have to these directions?


Song (from Sufi):

May the blessing of God rest upon you

May God’s peace abide with you

May Gods spirit illuminate your heart

Now and for ever more.


Talking about placenta, this precious organ:

Everybody tells what he/she knows: Nurturing the baby, as medicine  healing wounded skin, good for cosmetics, a teaspoon full helps against post partum depression…

What are the names for the placenta?

Brother, twin, the Within (Peter Sloterdijk), Source of power, afterbirth, mother’s liver (Hildegard von Bingen), „bundle of the living“1. Sam 25,29 and others.


Blessing from the Bible, Gen 49,25:

By the Almighty you will be blessed

With blessings of heaven above,

Blessings of the deep, that lies beneath,

Blessings of breasts and womb! Amen


Touching the vessel

and say good wishes for children and  mothers:


Song or dance



Hand pressures altogether