Hanna Strack » Back to the Womb

Close your eyes an open your inner eye:



I  walk by my inner pictures

back to the womb of my mother

back on the way,

through which I came

with great power

and I turned in the light


My mothers womb,

my first home

in the amniotic fluid


I feel it now in my imagination:

from the placenta

are flowing into me

the power and the food

just like from my tree of life


I do feel it:

how my umbilical cord

my thread of life

is connecting me

with my source of power



I live in you.

I am hearing

I am tasting,

I am feeling


I am trembling, when you are afraid

I am laughing, when you

are stroking me

through your womb

I am listening, when you are singing


and then, on time:

All around me in revolt,

it labours, it contracts

it works

it makes me angry

and – with one push

I enter in this strange world


The hands of the midwife,

the smile of my father,

the warmth of the skin and the bosom

of my mother receive me.